Friday, December 28, 2007

Installing Fonts on Ubuntu

Just copy your font into your users

font folder ~/.fonts (”~” represents the path to your home dir e.g.

/home/bala/.fonts). If it doesn’t exist then create it. Then

exectue the font cache command from the terminal.

sudo fc-cache -vf

  • -v option is for verbose or it tells you exactly what the command is doing.
  • -f option forces updating of all cached font files
This updates the font cache on your system and you should be able to use the fonts right away.

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Venkatesan ( said...


I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 in my notebook alongside Windows 7. I wish to connect to the internet. My ISP is DataOne. I'd prefer to have Ubuntu to ask for the username and password every time I connect and should be able to disconnect at my will instead of having an always on connection. Could you help me to resolve this problem? Since the setup in Lucid Lynx seems to vary from the earlier versions of Ubuntu, I am unable to properly follow the instructions that are already available in various forums.
Another question. I installed 10.04 in my desktop inside Windows XP using wubi. When I rebooted and loaded Ubuntu, it throws an error: "The installer encountered an unrecoverable error. The installer will reboot now." The error persists after many reboots and the installation is not complete. What could be the problem?